Saturday, September 24, 2011

September Craft 3 of 3!

It's always cold in my Sunday school class.  When the weather outside is nice, people always want the air conditioning on in the classroom and some of us get a bit chilled, and while I own numerous hoodies, I don't have many sweaters.  I could have purchased one, but where is the craftiness in that?  So, after checking out some blogs on upcycling tired clothing.......behold:
Right out of the shoot, I cheated.  I didn't  previously own this long sleeved tee, I bought it at a thrift store.  That's right!  I bought it for.......wait for it.......$1.00.  I wear a lot of solid colors so a striped shirt was the perfect accessory.

I laid the shirt out flat, and measured to find the center of the neckline.

Then I cut the neckline all the way to the bottom hem.

A V-neck shirt would have been much easier to work with, but I didn't realize that until AFTER I had purchased this and began cutting it.  So instead of sewing some simple bias tape down the front of the shirt, I had to deal with the neckline as well.  I could have left it as a scoop neck, but trust me, it looked ridiculous.  The V-neck updates it and makes it much more wearable.

After cutting the front and shaping the neckline into a V, I pinned the matching cream bias tape into place........

......and stitched it around the neckline.

I then aligned the bias tape to the front of the shirt and stitched from the neck to the bottom hem.

To keep the sweater closed I sewed some velcro onto each side and attached a button so it looked more finished.

And here's the completed project.  It didn't take very long and I think it will be pretty cute with a coordinating short sleeved top underneath.  In true Pacific Northwest fashion, layering is essential.  That way I can stay warm in 'the freezer', but remove the sweater to be comfortable during worship service - where it's a normal temperature :)


Clare said...

Aren't you all crafty? I wish I was there to catch some of your motivation. I have a bunch of projects I want to do, but my motivation has disappeared..:(

dhrner said...
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dhrner said...

See you can sew! I would have never thought to do that! And you are right, our Sunday School room does get very cold!!


Lisa said...

We need to get our next project day planned. It will be so fun! We also need to find some cheap muffin tins to spray paint for the kids lunches, etc.

We had such a good time last craft day.