Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple & Sweet!

On Sunday, we celebrated this amazing autumn weather by barbecuing hot dogs and making smores in the fire pit on our back porch.  The temperature was just right for wearing a favorite sweatshirt, or donning blankets as the girls did here.  Since I'm always touting the simple things in life, I couldn't let this evening go by unreported:

Three of my favorite people!

Smores!  I like them best withOUT the marshmallows or graham crackers :)

Cayla enjoying hot chocolate in the cool air!

Autumn, wrapped in her blanket and sipping cocoa, cozied up next to me on the swing.

This picture makes me laugh.  Look at those ears.  He was soooooo fascinated by the pieces of ash that floated in front of his face.  He kept trying to bite at them.  It was hilarious!

Autumn and me on the swing, staying warm together!

He got some hotdog, graham crackers and marshmallows as his post-dinner treat :)

Cayla prefers to be the photographer instead of the subject!

Happy autumn everybody!!!!


Robyn said...

Looks so fun & family"ish":) Jealous of your wonderful fall weather!

Anonymous said...

It looks like so much fun and quality time!!