Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Sleepy Hollow Affair!

 On Friday, we celebrated our annual Halloween dinner with friends.  Our theme was Washington Irving's "Sleepy Hollow", which as you may remember from Literature class, is set in Colonial times, and is the story of the Headless Horseman, who traumatizes Ichabod Crane in a cemetery!
My in-laws asked if I wanted this scarecrow and I jumped at the chance.  I already had a plan for it........

This!!!  I wanted it for a sign-stand.  I stripped off the arms and hair and painted it white so I could use it year round for holiday signs and decoration.  This was appropriately placed on the back porch and pointed to the home made cemetery shown below!

This headstone was made of cardboard.  The epitaph was printed out and hand cut before being taped to the front.

This stone was the remains of a foam surf-board used a few years back for our Outrigger Island VBS.  Cayla insisted one of the stones read, "RIP".
The theme wouldn't be complete without paying tribute to Ichabod  Crane, the smarmy school master.

Toilet paper rolls, covered in scrapbook paper, decoupaged.....
....filled with chocolates.....

....and wrapped like large pieces of candy, made great party favors for the kids.

What a trooper.  Not only did he keep the bandana on, he willingly posed for the picture.
I love these blocks.  My in-laws gave them to the girls, but I think I've had more fun with them.

Candy and decorations.....

....More decor, plus cupcakes the girls decorated by themselves.

Pictures printed from the internet provided theme-appropriate decoration.

Love this photo of a church.  Choosing to print them in black and white made them more eerie.

Black and white cemetery photograph, greeted guests who entered through the side door.

Potion bottles purchased for $.49 each at a thrift store.  I found labels on the internet and printed them off.

Candelabra and pumpkin centerpiece.

A tree branch from our cherry blossom tree out back.  When Cory pruned this fall, he saved it for me.  We suspended it from the ceiling, over the table, wrapped it in lights and draped faux spider webs across it for a macabre effect.

Brighter photo of the branch.  The pictures don't do it justice; it was really pretty cool!

Window sill decorated to welcome back door guests.
Wilton bottle labels, purchased at JoAnn dressed up our Martinelli's and sparkling lemonade perfectly.
My guests brought the cutest hostess gifts.  They know me too well.  My love of candy corn......

.....and pumpkins.

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Clare said...

Cute! Loved the spooky photos. I love a reason to throw a party.:)