Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Scarf!

On Friday night I wanted to de-stress so I opted to make a scarf.  I bought a couple yards of this orange and black fabric over a month ago and have been putting off making this, but tonight was the night.  No tutorial, just a few pics.
I love this Halloween themed jersey knit.  And although it's super thin and lightweight, once I stitched the two panels together it made it sufficiently weighty.  I think it's going to be quite warm :)

Most people put on make-up and do their hair for pictures.  But this is what you get when you sew at 11:00 at night!

Typically skulls aren't my thing, but they definitely work for Halloween!!! 

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Robyn said...

That looks SO fun. Not a Halloween gal, but the concept is awesome:) Wish I could be a little more adventurous with my machine...