Saturday, November 12, 2011

Be Thankful!

It's the season for giving thanks, and what better way than with a list.  Because you all know how much I LOVE a list?!  So, here are 10 things I'm thankful for.  They're a tad out of the norm, but I figured family and friends go without saying.......I hope you'll play along and add your list in the comments section......

1)  Pinterest - Pinterest is a list-lovers dream only better, because it's pictures.
2)  Sweet Potato Casserole - It's the only sweet potato dish I really like and it's my sister's recipe so you know it's incredible.  If you've ever had Thanksgiving with us, you've had it.  And if you didn't try it, you only cheated yourself because it's amazing!!!
3)  Spray Paint - I've gone a little crazy lately painting everything in sight, or planning to anyhow.  For just a few bucks, spray paint turns trash into treasure.  LOVE!
4)  Lists - Whether they're on my phone, my Mac, or just a slip of paper, I'd be a disorganized mess without my lists.  Lists are essential.  And obviously the people at 3M think so too.....have you checked the price of "Post-It's" lately?
5)  Mason Jars - They're not just for canning anymore Toto!  I store everything from spools of thread to decorated clothes pins in mine.
6)  Organization - Admittedly, I'm not always on top of it, but I'm still thankful for it.  When I see rooms, cabinets, items, stores, anything completely organized, it gives me this wonderful, warm feeling.
7)  Discounts - Because retail is sooooo overrated!
8)  Blizzards - No, not the kind that shuts down streets and knocks out power.  The ice cream kind.  And as a member of the Blizzard Fan Club, I get 6 "buy one get one" coupons a year.  It's a family fave :)
9)  Humor - I'm grateful to God for giving us a sense of humor.  Afterall, who doesn't love to laugh so hard they have tears in their eyes?!
10) Tooth brushes - Yep!  I said it.  I'm thankful for tooth brushes.  Admit it, you are too.  As a child, I loved getting a new one from the dentist, and today, as an obsessive teeth brusher, I still love cracking open the package on a colorful, perfect-bristled brush.

Just so you know, this isn't just some list I randomly threw together.  I genuinely, at one time or another, have pondered the things above and thought, "Man, I'm thankful for this."  And I've thought it more than once about Post-It notes :)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Be Thankful!!!

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Clare said...

I love a list- especially one that reminds me to be thankful! I need to post something, maybe I will just copy your idea.:)