Friday, January 27, 2012

A Banner & A Bag!

In early January I put away 8 Rubbermaids filled with Christmas decor.  So you can imagine my sadness when I hauled up my one, lone Valentine's decor box.  In an effort to expand my decorations for V-Day, I created this simple heart banner.  Made of 12 felt hearts, top-stitched and adorned with hand-sewn buttons, it gave a bit of flair to the window across from my dining room.  Now I only need to make about 700 more items so my Valentine decorations boxes can rival my Christmas boxes!

Heart banner; felt with buttons!

Last week at the LifeWay store I found this darling fabric placemat in the clearance section for a mere $.39 cents.  I couldn't resist.  I brought it home and Cayla instantly loved the bright colors; so tonight I created a simple church bag that she can't wait to carry with her next week!

Weekend Wrap-Up Party Here:


Robyn said...

The banner WAY cute! My decor matches yours exactly...8 boxes of Christmas, 1 of Vday:( I am going to be doing a few pinterest ideas to help that;)

Clare said...

I have four boxes of Christmas and half a box of Valentine's, so I guess I am par for the course.:) The bag from the placemat is adorable. Mom and I dragged out my new machine last night. The results should be interesting!