Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Your Normal Pancakes

It's no secret.....I love pancakes.  Well, really I love breakfast, and that includes anything of the pancake variety like waffles and french toast.  So it's no surprise that breakfast for dinner is almost a regular occurrence in our home.  And tonight it was the dinner of choice.  While Cory worked on sausage patties, I whipped up some whole wheat pancakes.  And to give them a little extra kick?  I added shredded coconut......but only to mine.  The rest of the family is not a fan of coconut, so those are all mine!

I'm pretty sure these pancakes count as healthy since they're made with whole wheat flour and the new wonder food....COCONUT!  The syrup probably negates the whole thing, but I didn't care.  They were heavenly!  And they were a cinch to make.  I cheated (What?  Shock!  Gasp! but we ARE talking about MY cooking here).  I started with a package of Hungry Jack Whole Wheat Pancake mix which only requires 1 cup of water, and then I added coconut to my hearts content.


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Clare said...

I am thinking dark chocolate chips too...mmm, Mounds Pancakes! I think that would negate any chance of healthiness, though. We love to have breakfast for dinner, too!