Friday, January 27, 2012

A Perfect Pair!

From the day I bought my blue tooth I have been clipping it onto a pocket in my purse, using the ear piece.  But I cannot count how many times it's 'jumped' off the pocket and settled at the bottom of my purse, inside the pocket, or underneath one of the myriad contents of my ever growing handbag.  I knew I needed a solution, but I wasn't sure what that solution was going to be......until today.

It's certainly not the world's smallest drawstring bag, but it is pretty small, and in my opinion, pretty cute.  It will be the perfect companion to hold my blue tooth in place, exactly where I want it.  Just in case you're curious, since the blue tooth is made of plastic, it's prone to slipping and sliding.  A fabric bag will be much less apt to move around my purse and should, more than likely, stay where I put it.  Notice I said 'should.'  :)

I made a similar bag, with a double draw-string for Cayla's headphones - but I didn't take a picture of it :(

I don't know why I never thought of this before, even though I've been a touch paranoid that I was going to lose my blue tooth.  It's not that I couldn't buy another one if I did, but who would want to do that?!  Besides, I got this one at 75% off and the chances of finding such a bargain again are probably slim!  So there you have it.  A tiny blue tooth and a tiny bag.  What a perfectly CUTE pair!

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Clare said...

I wish I had a place to leave my sewing machine set up...maybe then I could get on with making cute stuff, too!