Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Reunion!

June 22-25 we were in Branson, Missouri for my family reunion. We had so much fun we hated to leave, but at least we have pictures to commemorate our trip :)

As a family that hates car trips, the decision to fly was a fairly easy one.  The girls had never flown before and they loved everything about it!

My nephew Aaron and his wife Amanda at dinner the first night we were there.

My brother Travis (Aaron's dad) and his girlfriend Jeri-Kay.  "How's the eye Jeri-Kay?"
Heather, my sister-in-law, nailed her in the eye with a dinner roll.  Allegedly!

Aaron, Amanda and Jeri-Kay!

Jeri-Kay and Travis the evening of the reunion picnic!

My brothers Clay (green shirt) and Hank (white shirt).

Clay, Hank, my cousin Darran (whom I haven't seen in 30 years) and my dad!

My brother Woody and his wife Linda.  They haven't changed in years!

Sarah, my cousin's youngest.

Ace, Aaron and Amanda's baby.  He was a sweetie who just wanted ear scratches and carrots :)
The girls loved on Ace quite a bit.  I think it helped them not miss Chuck so much.

Amanda and Clay!

The grandkids at the pool.  Getting them out of the pool and lined up for a photo was quite a feat, but we managed it.....sort of.

From left.....Katie, Aubrey, Joel, Cayla, Callie, Clay and Brigham.  Front row......Sarah W., Kyle, Autumn and Sarah P. 

From far left: Aaron and Ace, Woody, Travis, Hank, Clay, Heather, Dad, Me, Mom

From left:  Darran, Lee Ann, Amanda, Aaron, Ace, Linda, Woody, Jeri-Kay, Brenda, Travis, Hank, Dad, Clay, Mom, Heather, Cory, Me

The pools were the biggest hit, outranking Silver Dollar City (theme park we visited on Sunday) and Ripley's Believe It Or Not!  No matter what we were doing, the kids ultimately wanted to go swimming.  

Sarah P. at the pool!



Cory was the hero and the babysitter of the weekend.  At Silver Dollar City he took all the kids and rode the crazy roller coasters while Brenda, my mom, and I shopped.  When we were at the condos he could usually be found in the pool, surrounded by the kids.  With record temps reaching above 100 degrees, the pool was the place to be :)

Cannonball Brigham!

Sarah and Autumn - double jump!

Saturday we visited Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum, and although it looks like it was hit by the tornado that ripped through Branson in March, it remained unscathed and looks this way intentionally!  We still can't figure out why!

Cayla, posing near the two headed calf and the stagecoach made entirely of toothpicks, 1.5 million of them!

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Autumn and Sarah

Callie is my nephew's daughter and this was the first time we've met her in person.  She and Cayla instantly hit it off and had a great weekend together!

Cayla, Callie, Cory, Sarah and Autumn with the world's fattest man!

Cory and Autumn standing near the tallest man!

Sarah, Autumn, Callie, Cayla and the world's largest ball of twine!

The black-light, spinning room.  The flash eliminated the black light :(

The black-light, spinning room was their favorite Ripley's attraction.  They went through it multiple times and got goofier as the day wore on!

Swimming, theme parks, shopping and visiting with relatives made for VERY tired girls!

Autumn sleeping.  It's a rare sight; witness it while you can!

Autumn, Aubrey, Cayla, and Callie!

Cayla, Me, and Autumn outside the Kris Kringle Christmas store.  Christmas shopping in  100 degree weather doesn't feel right.  They should have turned the air down and made it cold in there :)

Cayla, Autumn, and Cory waiting for our flight at the Branson Airport - the only privately owned airport in the U.S. 

A 6 hour layover at Denver International left us with plenty of down time for recharging ourselves and our electronics!

Autumn and Cory!




The trip was quick, but oh so much fun.  I loved getting to see my family again.  We had a great visit with lots of laughs, and new memories made.
I definitely think we need to make it a more regular occasion.  Once a decade is not enough!

Love you all!


Clare said...

You should have told me your layover was so long, we could have run up for a quick visit! I am sad we missed the family, but not sorry to have missed the heat!;)

Robyn said...

We always LOVE Branson! My in-laws are actually retiring there soon, and the kiddos can't wait:) I can't Gilly that Cayla & Calli had fun without her, she would be SO sad. She loves Calli, and just asked the other day when we would see them again. I am sure she will have a blast when we visit you guys next month! Thanks for sharing all the pics:)