Saturday, June 16, 2012

Keepin' It Clean!

Usually when I travel I toss my toothbrush and toothpaste into a Zip-loc bag before throwing it in my make-up bag.  After the first use, I hate the feel of the Zip-loc when I reach my hand in to retrieve my toothbrush and paste.  It's all wet, and I've usually managed to get a bit of paste on the inside of the bag - gross!  It's not a huge deal because it's disposable, but then I realized, there IS a better way.

Using a little "Pinspiration" and a regular wash cloth, I fashioned a little toothbrush kit.  I created 4 "pockets" to hold toothbrushes, paste, floss sticks, whatever.  After using the toothbrush, I will return it to it's pocket, roll the whole thing up and tie it securely.  When I get home, I can toss the washcloth into the machine and "good as new."

With our family vacation on the horizon, I fashioned one for myself (pink), Cayla (aqua), and Autumn (green) and I made a fourth one for Kelly (in orange because it's her favorite) because she excitedly agreed to attend Kids' Camp with me! 

Bring on the fun, summer, "tidy" vacations :) 


Clare said...

I am loving the yellow and turquoise one. Watch out- my mom will be asking for one!;)

Mom said...

So neat and you are so smart to have decided to make them!! Love it!!ntsjudge