Sunday, November 9, 2008

Perfect Sunday?

Sunday started out as a perfect day. Our clothes had been ironed and laid out the night before, the house was picked up, my bed was made and breakfast was eaten. Perfect lasted about 30 minutes before it went into meltdown. It started with the girls getting a s-l-o-w start. Sunday's are never a good day for them to be in slow mode, but they were. Why can't they be in slow motion on Monday or Tuesday or any day where we don't have to be some place? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical. After getting their breakfast on the table I told them to eat quickly because we needed to get dressed and get our hair done. I might as well have been talking to a wall. The same children who can eat at supersonic speed when the promise of dessert hangs in the balance, ate at a snail's pace. It's not like they were having a Denny's Grand Slam breakfast either, we're talking mini bagels and milk. Seriously, how long can that take? Well, this morning it was about 35 minutes. After corraling them into my room and wrestling with the church clothes Cayla announces that her tights have a hole. Great! I go find some more tights. Hmmmm, the second pair has a hole too, but at least it's up high enough so as not to show. I race to the kitchen, add 'black tights' to my shopping list, and head back to my bathroom. I'm ready to start on their hair when I notice Autumn. With her tights halfway pulled up, she's laughing hysterically and trying out her new dance on my perfectly made bed. Arrrggghhh! I yell at her to quit clowning around and get dressed. This sends her into more hysterical laughter as she repeatedly snorts "clowning around" as if it were the funniest phrase I had ever uttered! She manages to contain herself for a full minute while I help her get dressed. Finally we're onto hair. I'm quickly putting a few curls in Cayla's hair when I feel something funny. It not only feels funny it SMELLS funny. It's butter.....from her mini bagel. Are you kidding me? The same butter which is heavenly on baked potatoes and toast, and makes chocolate chip cookies melt in your mouth, is repulsive in hair. Ewww! With no time to rewash her hair, I remember an old trick my mom taught me. To remove oil from hair, add baby powder. I glance around the bathroom and the only thing that even remotely resembles baby powder is Cory's Odor Eater powder for his work boots. The really sad part here is that I honestly contemplated it for about 10 seconds, but finally rejected it as being too nasty. Realizing no one is going to really know, I throw it in a french braid and stick a bow in it. Done! I won't bore you with the girls' final details but they included a panic attack over misplaced offering money, a fight about which coat to wear and a frantic search to locate Autumn's Bible. I truly wasn't angry about the morning, but I was incredibly frazzled. I'm relieved I had asked Cory before heading out to early prayer, to stop at the grocery store and pick up Sunday school snacks because I'm sure I would have been a basket case if I'd arrived at Safeway to find what he found...NO DOUGHNUTS! And they call themselves a bakery. Pshaw! He's fantastic at improvising so he found a collection of donut holes and cookies that $15.00 later I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed! It's always frustrating when Sunday mornings don't go well, but after offering up a quick prayer for God to "create in me a clean heart....and renew a right spirit within me" I was openly receptive to the time of worship that lay before me, and once again it was a perfect Sunday.


Clare said...

I hate it when your day is full of little things, that when taken individually wouldn't be a big deal, but put all together are just too frustrating! I think the devil puts holes in tights specifically on Sunday mornings, I certainly wouldn't put it past him!

Robyn said...

I firmly believe that Satan tries extra hard to make our day of rest a day of wrestling! I don't know how many Sunday mornings growing up we arrived at church with one of my parents yelling at us, for them to quickly put on their "church face" once out of the car. However now that I am the parent I realize how much of this I contributed to, and unfortunately find myself doing the same thing far to often. I do try to say a prayer on the way to church to put me in the right frame of mind:) Hope next Sunday is much more "restful".
P.S. I sometimes believe that trying to be prepared only encourages last minute chaos!