Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Why of course I have a tissue"

It's a well known fact that mom's carry tissues (stupid word, I prefer Kleenex, even if it is a name brand) in their purse. And while I wish I was the type of mom who bought little packages of Kleenex in copious quantities, unfortunately I tend to buy them only a pack or two at a time, and usually it's when I'm standing at the check out line and see them on the rack next to me. More often than not I am without the nifty little packages and I end up grabbing a handful from the box beside my bed, folding them in a haphazard way and shoving them next to my wallet. This works well for a day or two but after reaching into my purse for various items the Kleenex morph into quite the unattractive blob that has managed to pick up gum, lint and an assortment of other 'lovelies' from being used by my children and myself, then re stuffed into my bag. In an effort to solve the Kleenex debacle I have, like so many others out there, made a tissue pack to carry in my purse. The pack can be used to carry pre-packaged tissues, but I kind of see that as redundant. I mean if they're already in a plastic package why put them in another package, right?! It will require an extra minute of politely folding my Kleenex before putting them into the fabric pack, but it will certainly keep them neat and tidy and will easily help me identify the 'used' from the 'unused.'


kim said...

How fantastic is that? You are clever and creative. I wish I could fashion such a nifty storage devise for tissues. Amazingly, here in Switzerland, pocket packets of tissues are cheaper than the boxes. And they sell them in huge quantities, like 36 at a time! So I now always have a tissues pack (or 2 or 3 or…) with me.

Lisa said...

Cute, cute! You know I can't resist much when it has a snowman or two on it.

Keck said...

That is so cute!!! I can sew but not that well. I too have to carry Kleenex all the time. But never seem to have any!!! Super cute idea! Love you

P.s. can't wait to see you!!!