Friday, January 16, 2009

Best Buy!

For the first time in quite a while Cory got back to his normal every-Friday-off routine.   After running the usual errands Cory had this brilliant idea that we head to Best Buy.  At first I was a bit reluctant because I hate looking at tech-y stuff, but once I got in there I felt like a drug addict in a pharmacy, a kid in a candy shop, Imelda Marcos at Manolo Blahnik's.  It was fantastic!  I am totally guilty of the sin of coveting.  Seriously, Best Buy is to technology what Las Vegas is to gamblers.  It was beautiful.  We fawned over enormous TV's, drooled on the keyboard of a Mac desk top with a 24" screen, and nearly left with a gorgeous Cannon digital camera that takes unlimited movement-shots, all for less than $200.  It was glorious!
Alas, reality set in and we left empty-handed.  But still debt free :)


Clare said...

Yeah, not a Best Buy fan, but I better classified as a techno-phobe than a techno-phile! However, I get the same adrenaline rush when I see an extra 50% off clearance sign. I guess we all have our triggers! :)

Inspired 2 Smile said...

Our TV is older than our marriage which is a couple of decades plus, we have no Wii... in truth we are as far removed from the techno-entertainment world as anyone could be in this country. Maybe it's because Best Buy's clearance's don't get in the below $5 - got to have it range.

Lisa Dawn said...

Best Buy! Is this the newest obsession? Like Longabergers and Vera's? Just kidding!

By the way Katy and I loved our Ugly Dolls! They are so cute, did you read inside the tags? They say really cute stuff. Thanks so much! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

The key is that you left debt free not many of us can say that!!!! That is why we are blessed to be stay at home moms!