Monday, January 19, 2009

My Mistake!

I foolishly thought that once the presidential election was over, the US as we know it would settle down and we'd all get back to life as usual. Silly me! I made a massive miscalculation. I gave no regard to the inauguration and the onslaught of Obama-Mania that would ensue. The news has been filled with inaugural information, including my beloved Fox News Channel. Ordinarily I would take an opportunity such as this, to educate my children on the inauguration, allow them to see segments of it, and answer any questions they might have. That's probably not going to happen. I seem to be having a difficult time getting into the spirit, and I think you know why. For the sake of clarity though, let me be metaphorical for a moment. I typically don't use, or even like sports metaphors, but I'm desperate and I have a few sports fans who read my blog, so I know they'll relate. Let's say you're a Dallas Cowboys fan, and they're playing against the Washington Redskins, who you hate dislike very much. And let's just say that the Redskins win the game by a landslide. How easy, nay fun, is it going to be to explain football and the beauty that is Dallas, to your future little quarterbacks at home, knowing how upset you are over the results of the game? Answer, not very easy/fun at fact, hard! I know, I need to just 'get over it', 'move on', 'let it go', 'shake it off'.......or pray fervently that God will change my heart and attitude and allow me to be respectful even if I don't feel much like it.


Lisa said...

The Lord has a plan. His plan always allows for His people to repent and return or for the unbeliever to be drawn unto Him. The new administration definitely could bring about a real revival among the believer. What happened when God hardened the heart of Pharoah? His people cried out to Him and He didn't let them down, they on the other hand had a little difficulty. Love Ya!

PS: Go Cowboys!

kim said...

I am thankful, if for no other reason, I am not in America right now watching TV. I can only imagine the coverage. How much is all this costing us American taxpayers anyway??
Europeans are VERY excited, in general, about our new pre. It is ALL the buzz, but I think it's only because he speaks more eloquently, and sounds more intelligent when he opens his mouth than our former. (even though personally I think - rubbish, no matter how eloquently it is said, is still rubbish.)

Clare said...

No comments about the election, I ignored it entirely. I had Bible study yesterday morning and I clearly didn't DVR it! I changed my blog- I knew that pink one was too cute! I like the new one, though. Stop by and take a look!

Robyn said...

I totally see where you are coming from. In fact Gillyan saw his picture on Yahoo's home page the day of the inauguration and she quickly said "Mommy is that our new president?" I said yes in a very glum tone. She then says "That isn't the president we voted for, that is that Orock Obama guy". I had to smile and say she was right but we still needed to respect him. Because you could tell even in her tone of voice her disgust for him which I am sure she picked up from me!