Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Slush and New Year's!

Well, we're still buried in snow but with the warmer temperatures, it's not just snow, but slush and snow. It's lovely! Every parking lot has gigantic puddles, nay lakes in them. I'm beginning to think if it warms up too quickly we may need to purchase flood insurance.
On New Year's Day we celebrated a late Christmas with my parents. My sister and her family made it down as well which was an unexpected, but very fun surprise. Posted above is a short slide show from the weekend, but my favorite picture is the one of all the little kids camped out on the floor. From left they are Jocelyn, Luke, Cayla, Mark and Autumn. Clare's pictures turned out much better than mine, so hopefully she will share. I'm apparently afflicted and can't figure out how to use my camera. Shocking, I know :)

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