Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree!

Having girls, it's not surprising they enjoy making play food out of Play-Doh and serving it to us on their toy dish set. What is (but probably shouldn't be) surprising is how much they actually pay attention to what their father does around the house. I guess it really is true that children emulate their parents. Here is a lovely electrical schematic, courtesy of Cayla. Then Autumn, not to be outdone, actually built (well, kind of) the schematic with her Bendaroos ropes. My little prodigies; the engineer and the electrician!


Clare said...

Isn't it funny how in a lot of ways it makes us more proud (as moms) to see our children emulate their dads than to act like us? That is definitely too cute! Do you like your Bendaroos? Josie is always asking for Bend-A-Whos when she sees the infomercial (as she calls them). Maybe we should get some, I wouldn't mind having an engineer!

Rachel said...

Bendaroos were given to the girls for Christmas - courtesy of Grammy Barb and Poppy Jim. They're fun because they're not messy and they don't leave goo on the walls/floors, PLUS they're reusable.

The only drawback is they come with 500 pieces per set (we got 2 sets) and it seems I find them everywhere :)