Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Springeth!

Even though it's still a couple of weeks away, when the calendar flips to March, it's spring to me.
What I love about spring:
1)  Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine
2)  Flowers
3)  Being outside
4)  The temperature is just right - not too hot, not too cold!
5)  The trees start to bud
7)  Pastel colors come back into fashion and white shoes are acceptable again
8)  Yard-sale season begins
9)  Crickets start chirping again
10) My car stays clean for more than 10 minutes when I wash it :)
If you feel inspired to leave a comment about your favorite spring activity, I'd love to read it.  Happy Spring!!!!


Clare said...

I am loving spring this year because Joel will be home for a little while. It has been really beautiful here but I am trying not to get used to it because the weather can change in the blink of an eye. I am thrilled while it lasts though!

Ann said...

Hi Lisa's sister.. :) I love Spring too! I love the smell in the air and the feel of all things new. I love spring cleaning too! Everything just seems brighter.. Easter time is coming and I love to celebrate it with friends and family.

Keck said...

Hi Aunt Dawn,
I too love spring. I love all the new flowers. Just read my newest post and you will understand! SPRING!!!

Lisa said...

Spring is such a time to remind us of renewal and rebirth. God knew we would need spring after the cold often harsh winter. Winter is my favorite, but I do love spring,too. The blossoming trees are so amazing. They are one of my favorite spring things.