Friday, September 4, 2009


So, if you've been keeping up with me on Facebook at all, you know the switch that controls the brake lights on the Jetta stopped working. After two trips to Napa and one trip to Auto Zone....3 switches later, it STILL did not work. Finally, out of desperation we called the VW dealership. We never call the dealership first because they're expensive. But this time, we were out of options. With no brake lights, not only were we a total hazard on the road, we were at risk of being ticketed. So Cory called Appleway VW/Audi and found out the Jetta's brake switch was under factory recall and if we brought it to them, they'd fit us in and fix it for free. Not only did they do just as they said, they vacuumed and washed the Jetta. It was glorious!
On a side note, while there, we saw the most exquisite Audi of all times. We knew it was something special as we drove by it. To the average eye it just looked like a boring old sedan, but to car connoisseurs like us, we knew it was something amazing (the brakes were oversized and the wheels cost more than my entire car) We were right. Turns out it was an Audi S8 with a Lamborghini V10 engine and sticker price of.........eeeek.....$114,000+. Needless to say, we didn't buy it.....or touch it, and we basically stopped looking at it after that, for fear of scratching it, but it was beautiful to behold!
Here's a picture of one I found online, but the photo does not do justice to the car we saw. Yeah, I want a new Audi, but not if it's going to be nearly the price of my house :)

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Clare said...

I am just happy that my car starts when I turn the key! I think knowing we don't have "the best" helps us to stay humble...but it sure is fun to dream!