Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cleaning Up My Act!

Normally I'd consider myself a pretty savvy shopper. Meaning, I shop frequently and I'm always on the look out for stellar deals. Apparently though, I'm also a mundane shopper. No matter how many commercials I see on TV advertising new and improved products, those items never actually make it onto my shopping list and into my grocery cart. Instead, I stick to my tried and true products that I've been using forever, and this in turn, induces product envy. My latest product envy is stain removers. According to my niece over at Clare's Contemplations I am missing out on some serious stain removers. In my laundry room there are currently about 700 brands and varieties of stain removers, and they're all pretty much not even worth the plastic they're poured in. It's aggravating. Apparently, despite seeing the ads a thousand times, there are a couple of products that I've missed in my shopping ventures. Shout Advanced and Spray-n-Wash Dual Action...or something like that. According to Clare these products actually work. I'm serious. She claims they can remove crayons and grease and dirt and all kinds of other semi-permanent stains. I must try them. I must break out of my mold, expand my shopping horizons, and strive to be more like my niece (and sister), who somehow knows about every new product before it's even available to the general public. If you have any amazing products you want to share, I'm all ears (or would that be eyes?). Otherwise, I'm off to fight crime stains.


Clare said...

I only know about them beause of MY sister. But honestly, they do work, because I am anal about stains! Since I sell the kids' things at the JBF sale they have to be spotless. Not an easy task with 3 and 1 year-olds! I also have to say that my other most favorite product is Scrubbing Bubbles tub pads. They actually get out the soap ring and I love that you can toss them (a big fan of their disposable toilet brushes, too!)

Rachel said...

Scrubbing bubbles tub pads? Never heard of them. I have GOT to spend more time in the cleaner aisle :)