Monday, September 14, 2009

Blog Quickie!

Just a quick thought here. Do any of you other bloggers ever "write" blogs in your head? I think I'm constantly blogging in my mind, but often my thoughts don't transform themselves into the written word. Usually I can think up a considerably better blog than I actually write. It seems by the time I get to the computer, the amazing choices of words have suddenly vanished and I'm reduced to writing Kindergarten sentences. Artists carry a sketchpad with them everywhere so they can draw when inspiration strikes. Perhaps I should carry a notepad! Happy Monday everybody!


Robyn said...

As I am sure our husbands would agree, a quickie is better than nothing;)

Clare said...

I always write wonderful,print worthy blogs on my way home in the car- and then promptly forget them when I walk in the door! Maybe a tape recorder?