Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reeeaaaalllly Noowww!

It's not very often that I watch our local news, for several reasons: 1) It's boring. 2) It spends a ridiculous amount of time on sports coverage and 3) I'm usually watching FOX news instead. But today I turned on the TV, which was currently on a local station, and the news came on. As it turns out, there was a breaking story about an inmate/patient at a local state hospital, for people with mental issues and/or the criminally insane, who had escaped from a field trip. Yes my friends, you read that right. Apparently inmates get field trips. Who knew? So I continue to watch. This guy, who was committed for MURDER was on a field trip to our county fair, when he decided to ditch his group and take off. As of writing this blog, he's still at large. So let me get this straight. Some judge determined that the guy's not fit to be with the general public, and he's been institutionalized because he committed a murder. And yet, the powers that be at the state hospital, in their infinite wisdom, disagreed and deemed him fit to be at the county fair where he can mix and mingle with small children, farm animals and possibly ME? I don't know about you but I've always been under the impression that once a person was locked up, field trips were no longer an option?! Color me all kinds of surprised. I can honestly say, I did NOT see this one coming! If this is my tax dollars hard at work, I demand a refund!


kadinzmom said...

This field trip was not approved by the head guy at Eastern is what I heard. Also usually those who are on work release are the only ones allowed to go on field trips. I totally agree with you on the fact that if you do the crime you pay the time (IN JAIL)!!!!

Rachel said...

The news didn't have all the details, but my point was just that if you're doing time, in any capacity, for murder.....field trips ought not be allowed :)

Robyn said...

So the moral of this story is: Stay away from fairs/carnivals. They are money pits anyway;)