Saturday, October 24, 2009

Candy Corn 101

It's that time of year again. You know what I love? Candy corn! You know what I don't love? Flavored candy corn. It's wrong. The whole purpose of candy corn is just to enjoy sugary, corn-syrup, flavored fondant, in the original shape and flavor. While I can appreciate a little color variation, I cannot tolerate a deviation on taste. So, for educational purposes please refer to the follow exhibits:
1) The only acceptable brand of candy corn is Brach's. Anything else is inferior - it's just a fact.

2) Although Brach's has commissioned such products as Caramel candy corn and Caramel Apple Candy Corn, don't be fooled by the brand name. These products are not the original candy corn, and therefore should you choose to consume them, you do so at your own peril.

3) Brach's has however, made pastel candy corn. These taste like the originals, but they're pretty pastels, appropriate for Easter or spring time consumption.

There you have it. Please leave all compliments, questions or comments in the "comments" section of the blog. Complaints or otherwise can be written on this line _____.

Class dismissed!


Keck said...

Oh Aunt Dawn! I think that I can ingest 2 candy corn per year, otherwise I would be sick. Every year to remind myself I think they are gross I eat 2, then I eat no more! But whatever, everyone has to like something. Fun post though. I promise not to buy any yucky candy corns. Love ya Kel

Lisa said...

Candy corn! Candy corn! Yuck! Those are only great for decorating. I think they should be outlawed as candy and who knows? If President Obama doesn't like them they very well could be!!!

Actually, they always make me think of you dear sister and that is the only pleasant thought about them.

You know I am a number 1 fan of dark chocolate.

Nice lesson though!

kim said...

Ahhhhhhh candy corn! I love, love, love candy corn. And I would have to agree with you, it should be original or not at all! Unfortunately candy corn is truly an American treat. Not available in stores here. Except for the American store. Where I laid down my 20chf (about $20) bought a couple of bags and am eating them very, very, very, very slowly.

Clare said...

I have to say that I love any decoration with candy corn on it. I just think they are the cutest things. I bought a candy corn shaped frame so that I can put a picture of Josie in it-wearing the candy corn costume (thanks to my fabulous aunt!). It will be sooo cute. P.S. You haven't commented on my last blog post, then I realized that it hadn't showed up on your blog roll. Why does it do that sometimes? So aggravating!

Lisa Dawn said...

I find candy corn disgusting! But not as vile as those orange pumpkin things made out of essentially the same stuff as candy corn. YET they are more loathsome because people feel the overwhelming compulsion to stick them on cupcakes. Yes! Cupcakes. How dozens of people yearly perform this desecration I shall never know! (I am stepping of the soapbox now.)

Jenn said...

OH, you are so so so RIGHT!! Original is the only way to go. How you eat them also determines the taste. Have to eat one color at a time starting from the top and working your way down!!!

Robyn said...

Glad I commented last, it was as much fun to read everyone's comments as it was your blog! I have to agree with the majority of my family, candy corn are disgusting to eat yet very pleasing to decorate with:) I even do that pumpkin on the cupcake thing-don't tell Lisa Dawn! I do usually buy a bag or so to put in my Longaberger Candy Corn Crock, which usually last all month:)