Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thief Grief

I am irate; fit to be tied, mad as a hornet......should I go on? Somebody stole the pumpkins out of the planter on my front porch. The pumpkins (an arrangement of 5 medium orange and 4 small white) had been sitting out there for about a week, and they looked so cute. We had grown them in our yard and wanted to display them, even though a couple of them were kind of soft (ick!). I hesitated to put them on the porch because, as I told Cory, some kids will probably steal them; but they're just pumpkins, so does it really matter? Apparently it mattered because I continually checked on them each morning and evening to make sure they were still there, since I just knew somebody would take them. Well, just as I predicted, I got up this morning and Autumn alerted me to the fact that someone took them. You know this is not about pumpkins. It's about the fact that someone came onto our property during the night, despite the porch light being on, and had the audacity to steal my pumpkins. And they didn't even take all of them. They were selective thieves, only taking the orange ones, even the icky orange one, which I secretly hope splatted all over them. So even though it's just pumpkins, we might install a security camera, and we might get a dog (a big dog) and we might build a 6 foot wall around our property, dig a moat and fill it with hungry alligators. Or we might do nothing, except vent, get it off our chests, and blog about it.

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Juli said...

You are have right to be upset. I bet the white ones are great looking still. Can't wait to see them when we come up on Friday (this serves as your reminder that we are coming :))!