Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Blog Button!

If you're reading this post and you shift your eyes to the will see my new blog button.  After noticing numerous buttons on other blogs, I thought I could make one for my blog, proudly advertising my denomination.  It was a piece.of.cake to create too.  Here's what I did:

1)  Go to
2)  Click on 'upload a photo'
3)  Use an existing photo, or surf the web for a background (like my snowflakes) you like and save it to your computer.
4)  Follow picnik's instructions to create your picture (button).  Start by re-sizing the photo (picnik automatically sizes one of the sides, so if you pick '250' as your height, it will automatically adjust the width to be proportionate).  250 or roughly there is a good button size.
5)  Add your text in the box on the top left of picnik.  On the top right, you can change the font, and size and direction of your wording by playing around with it - it's all right there on the screen for you.
6)  Click on 'save photo' and save your picture to your computer.
7)  Open your blog and add a gadget (choose 'add photo' as your gadget).
8)  Click on 'image' and select the photo you just created in picnik.

There you go!  It's a lot simpler than my instructions make it seem!  You now have a button!  What a great way to advertise something about yourself, something you love, or an Etsy shop (if you have one :)

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Clare said...

Are you going to make one for every season? It is about time I make a new one for my blog-but since I used a silhouette in my last one it took so long I am not anxious to do it again!:)