Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bows and Bands and Bags oh my!

After searching high and low for perfect inexpensive, yet cute, headbands to coordinate with the girls' Christmas outfits, I finally gave up and decided to make my own.
I did purchase the basic headband.  In fact, it came in a pack of 6 with only 1 white one in the pack, so I had to purchase TWO packs.  But I only paid $5.00 for all twelve bands.  One store wanted to charge me $9 for a so-so headband that was a bit shopworn.  Pfffft!

I followed the tutorial shown here and it was pretty easy.  In fact, making the bow was the simple part.  Attaching it to the headband?  Not so much.  I pondered a variety of ideas, such as velcro, but none of them seemed to be exactly what I wanted.  I even considered hot gluing the bow to the band, but I'm cheap frugal and I thought I might want to use the headbands again.  So after much thought, I wound some embroidery floss through the bow and simply tied it to the headband.  Since the bow itself is all stitched together, I can just snip through the embroidery floss to remove the bow, thereby preserving both the bow and the headband.  Genius!

After this I think I'll invest in some clips that I can permanently attach the bows to, and then I can trade them out to match various outfits.  Oh who am I kidding?  My kids hate hair accessories.  In fact, I'm not even sure how I talked them into wearing them on Christmas.  But I did.  And that's the point!
Finally, I made the girls matching tote bags to carry on Sunday.  I plan to pack them with  fun, girlie things like lip gloss, tissues, notepads, knick knacks and of course money, because what fun is a bag without money?!   So now, their outfits are complete and matching from head to toe.

Merry 'Matching' Christmas!


Anonymous said...

love it! You are so clever.

Clare said...

Those bows are beautiful- I am going to have to look up that tutorial. Josie can't/won't wear headbands (most don't fit her big melon!) but I could definitely see those on an alligator clip!