Thursday, December 15, 2011

Getting Organized!

 Last fall my father in law offered me a large sized shutter after I expressed interest in one for a project.  I knew I wanted to paint it and use it to hold Christmas cards.  Behold:

I began by painting it red, but the red spray paint I bought was cheap.  It's worth the extra couple of dollars to buy Krylon or Rustoleum.  And while I definitely didn't set out to paint it gold, I happened to have some Krylon metallic gold on hand because I used it to paint the crowns for the Wise men to wear during the children's music at church :)  One quick, coat and my card holder was reborn.

I'm honestly thinking of painting the backside Krylon red and using it during the year as decor in my living room, then flipping it to the gold side during the holidays.  Can't lose :)

I almost put a solid piece of wood behind the slats so the cards don't fall through, but OBVIOUSLY that won't work if I plan to use both sides alternately during the year.  I grabbed a couple of decorated clothespins to hold up Christmas card photos, and just slipped standard cards onto the slats.  Voila!  Organized and attractive (at least I think so).
My next organizing project was this purse organizer that I've been thinking about for some time now.  I have a darling Vera Bradley make up bag that I keep in my purse to hold various objects.  But they always manage to turn over, slip to the bottom and get lost in the great abyss.

Ta da!!!  I made pockets for each item, slipped the belongings in, rolled it up and tucked it into my make up bag.  It's SO nice.  Now when I reach for my nail file, it's up right, where I can find it, not laying down at the bottom, stabbing me as I try to grab it.  I love little things that bring me incredible joy :)


Clare said...

Will you be sending real cards this year? I need to get mine out- I think that is why I only have gotten one!:(I hate that people don't send cards anymore.I know postage is pricey but nothing beats getting a card in the mail! Fun use for a shutter, though.

Robyn said...

I apologize but I can't break my 3 year No card streak, so your adorable shutter won't be graced with any Goodman's;) I want a shutter, but I don't know what I would do with it...