Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glittered Christmas Lights!

Once again, Pinterest strikes.  This time with inspiration for Christmas.

Old style Christmas lights.......purchased at a church Christmas bazaar for $.50.
I have to confess....I hate glitter.  Well, I hate working with glitter, and I really hate when my kids want to use glitter.  But I love the results, so I stifled my glitter hatred and proceeded.  I wanted white or silver, super fine glitter, but I was too cheap to pay for it, so I kept searching.  I  found this 5-pack of colors on sale for $2.50 at a Craft Warehouse where my parents live.
Using a plastic cutting board as a work station, I covered the lights with Mod Podge and poured my glitter into a pinch pot so I could easily sprinkle it onto my lights.  Each light took about 30 seconds to create and I clipped them between clothes pins so they could dry.
I selected the most Christmassy (Yes it's a word.  It means anything pertaining to Christmas) looking colors to work with, but I think the blue is my favorite.  I know, I was surprised too because usually I gravitate towards all things pink!
Using some acrylic clear coat I sprayed the lights so the glitter wouldn't flake off and get on everything.  I think they turned out cute, and super festive.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go make some glitter lights!

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Clare said...

I LOVE THOSE! I am obsessed with C9 lights. Just my kind of craft, too, instant gratification!:)

Jenn said...

Those are so cute!

Lisa said...

Yes. Cute. Even better in real time. Make some for your sister, I may never get together with you to make my own. :0)

Robyn said...

My mom was bragging about your cutie lights and she was right! I am with Clare the old fashion lights are the best:) However as much as I adore your creation, the glitter is a deal breaker;)