Monday, August 29, 2011

Craft Cabinet Clean-Up!

For months I have intended to clean my home school/craft cabinet.  Every time I complete a craft I think I should put my supplies away....but where?  Usually they end up in a basket next to my sewing machine.  That simply would NOT do.  So today, inspired by my niece Robyn, who posted on Facebook that she was feeling guilty for playing on the internet instead of working, was the day to clean it out.

I started at 11:30am and this is what my cabinet looked like (embarrassing).  I figured it would only take me a couple of hours. my basement.  I only photographed the bottom two shelves because I had the top shelf empty when I remembered to take the picture :)

Here's the entire contents of the cabinet, spread out on my basement floor (well, minus the dog - he was not stored in the cabinet, but came down to keep me company while I cleaned).

5 and a half hours (with the exception of stopping for lunch) and 4 bags of trash later, it was finished.  It was overwhelming trying to figure out where to put things, how to store tiny objects and figuring out the best solution for organizing.  It's still not my dream organization project, but it's significantly better.  I really should invest in some racks and vertical storage shelves, but until then.....this is working for me!

Happy Organizing!!!!

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Robyn said...

I ♥ organizing projects! If I had tons of money, I would put matching containers in every cupboard and closet:) You did super though, and I am completely jealous of your huge cabinet. You should try those under the shelf wire hanging baskets to add some more storage...