Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cupcakes and Coasters!

While I loved Autumn's skirt from last week's post, I thought the outfit was lacking something.  It really needed a matching top and not just a plain white one.  So I added an applique.  There's a close-up in the next shot.  I also made a skirt for Cayla.....but her top is not appliqued as she frequently wears it with other things.

Cayla and Autumn dressed and ready for church.

Cupcake applique!

Yeah, these have absolutely nothing to do with skirts or appliques, but everything to do with sewing.  I made myself a set of 4 coordinating coasters.  And they're not to protect my desk (though it IS a lovely grey, laminate :) as much as they're to prevent condensation from collecting on the desk top.  I hate a wet work space!


Anonymous said...

So sweet and perfect for the girls!! I love it! Your talents are from Jerri and definitely not
your mom.

Clare said...

That makes is sooo much cuter! Really, I must do one of those applique tops-you don't have to have a sewing machine, so I have no excuses. Except maybe laziness...:)

P.S. Be sure to hang on to that so you can hand it down.;)