Thursday, August 25, 2011

Favorite Finds!

As summer is drawing to a close, I thought I'd let you in on a few of my favorite things during summer 2011.  Oh, and I just added a new poll.  Play along if you like :)  In no particular order:

Fabric!  I love a fabric store.  The way the bolts are stacked according to color, warms the organizational part of my soul.  They're beautiful to look at and even more fun to purchase.  As I search for sewing projects that appeal to me, my fabric selection continues to grow.

Not just maple syrup, but anything maple flavored really.  Maple candy, maple frosting, maple bars.  I'm mad for maple!

Whether you call it robin's egg blue, turquoise or aqua, it's my go-to-color for summer.  And since I just purchased a shirt today in a shade just a touch darker than this, it may be my go-to-winter color as well :)

Even though this has been on the market for some time now, I have not enjoyed it as much as I did this summer.  The best part about iced tea?  As the ice melts, it doesn't water down the drink and make it unpalatable like a soda.  I love that!

I always enjoy Bath and Body Works products, but their Fresh Picked scents for spring/summer 2011 were pure genius.  Not only did they smell divine, the packaging was the perfect complement to my country styling.  My favorite products were the hand soaps, but I did acquire quite a few of the PocketBac's as well!
Mat stacks.  They're not just for scrapbooking anymore.  They're the paper version of fabric.  I love the way the stacks are grouped by themes and color coordinated.  While not a scrapbooker, I have enjoyed accumulating these for decoupage projects, home made cards and any other project that comes to mind.

Even if you don't blog about it or post pictures, be sure to leave me a comment and share your summer '11 favorites with me!


Clare said...

I have been contemplating doing this, I may just have to get on it. I love cardstock/scrapbook papers, too. And I have never scrapbooked!I am always a little sad when the season ends and my favorite things come to an end, but it looks like most of yours will carry over into fall. Good job!

Robyn said...

I am with you! Scrapbook paper & Fabric make my heart happy. Although I think I own way more than I will ever use:/ Guess I will have to keep blog hopping to find fun ways to use it up;)

Lisa Dawn said...

I like these things too! I saw a lady on another blog paint clothespins and she thought she was so clever and I wanted to say those aren't half as cute as the ones decorated with paper! lol I love maple, it's so sweet and tasty! Those same adjectives could apply to ice tea. Which I love as well. :)