Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer Status Update....

Summer's almost over, but we're still trying to cram in a bunch of things....

Yesterday - Took the kids and cousins to the park downtown where they rode the rides, enjoyed the carousel, and got in a ton of walking (Clare, that's PE right?! :)

Today - Removing some plants that got scorched in a couple of our 90+ degree days, and putting in some mums that are great cool-weather plants!  Then.....going shopping with my sister.  Trying to find some swim shorts for me.  I have a cute swim skirt and it looks great OUT of the water, but once I get in, it floats up (ridiculous).

Tomorrow - Taking the kids and cousins to the pool.  It's supposed to be in the mid-90's.  It's going to be a great day for swimming and soaking up the last few days of sun before our cold weather hits.

Next Week - Going with the family and cousins to Silverwood.  The girls received free passes for reading and they are very excited to spend the day at the park.  Also need to use a day next week for Cayla to take her CAT-5 test.  She's been doing a little school work all summer, so we're looking forward to getting her testing out of the way before September.

Next Month - School won't start for us until our co-op starts, so we have an extra 1.5 weeks after the public school starts.  I'm hoping my sister and I can take the kids on a picnic and engage in a few activities that would normally be full/busy, but due to school being in session will be less packed.

Whew!  I'm exhausted just thinking about it.  Fortunately, nearly all of it is fun and should be a great time.  Hope you're enjoying your summer and having fun with family and friends before the cold weather flies.


Clare said...

Our summer has been pretty hectic as well, so we are waiting to start our school year so that we can have a little breathing room. I figure anything that involves any sort of physical activity counts as PE. Walking? Definitely!:)

Anonymous said...

You are having too much fun without me. See if we can fix that.