Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Autumn...the season, not my daughter!

Yes, I am one of those conoxious (to borrow an old term from my cute-as-a-button nephew) people who loves to change templates. You're sure to see more in the following months, so please don't get upset when you show up and things are all switched around. Since fall is my favorite season, I figured it was only natural that I find some leaves and post them to my blog. There is not one single thing about fall that I don't like. In fact, I love pumpkins, crisp air, new sweaters, changing leaves, sunny mornings, cloudy mornings, apple cider, hot chocolate, the fall LL Bean and Lands' End catalogs, the start of the school year, candy corn, my mother-in-laws homemade chicken noodle soup that she makes during hunting season, harvest festivals (or Halloween parties if they're not held at church :) ...... I could go on but I've got work to do..... Happy Autumn!


Clare said...

My favorite season, too- perhaps because the clothes are so forgiving? :) I think it is because life lends itself more to schedules in the fall. No more vacations to upset the apple cart, everything gets back on track! I think more people make resolutions in the fall than at New Year's!

kim said...

I too love autumn. I would have had a daughter Autumn also except with a last name like Weed, you just have to be a bit careful :)
Enjoy the season! I especially love (and miss) candy corn. A favorite of mine since I can remember, but can't find them here in Switzerland...guess no Halloween=no candy corn. Drats

Robyn said...

Must you Northern Folks constantly rub in your good fortune with the weather! Here in Texas we are happy to have that hurricane blow in some weather in the 80's! Just kidding, enjoy the fall weather for me. I won't see anything below 70 until January!

Juli said...

Finally you bring up the things we have in common! I adore fall! Love the colors, love the leaves, love that school started again, LOVE IT. In fact I just told my hubby that for my 40th birthday (yes I realize I am planning ahead) I want to go the Vermont since I have a fall birthday! Oh wait, asking for presents hasn't been working so good for me lately, so nevermind!