Monday, September 15, 2008

Slow Motion Monday

I had a horrible dream last night. If you talk to me long enough, you'll eventually learn that I tend to have very vivid, traumatic dreams. Last night I dreamed that America had gone through a total natural devastation (I think it was a flood) and there were a few safe spots provided by the French (go figure). I had the girls with me and we were trying to get to Cory. We finally made it to the very dark, underground French compound where we were issued a paper that gave us the right to get bread and water and a pillow to sleep on. I finally found Cory and I was just so relieved that the four of us were together again that I didn't even mind that we had all of our rights stripped from us and were no longer in a free country. What does it mean? I'm missing my family and we need to spend more time together? Or is it something deeper? So this morning we're moving in what feels like, slow motion. I left my bed unmade and immediately went to hug my children. I didn't care that they had left the caps off the markers they were using, or that they had wasted a ream (or so it seemed) of paper. I was just so relieved that they were happy, and safe, in our own home, and most of all.....FREE. I think today we're going to fore go all of our regular school work in favor of a history lesson where they learn the blessings of living in a free country. Even if it doesn't make a deep and profound impact on them at this age, I am going to start planting the seed!


Robyn said...

I had to share that last night Gillyan dreamed 6 of her teeth fell out! She said to me in her most dramatic voice "and Mom I could really feel it!". I think part of that was wishful thinking, she can't wait to lose a tooth so she can get money! So last night was the night for weird dreams I guess. Let me know what you shared with the girls today I would like to share it with my guys. To bad we don't live closer, I could have just sent them your way for a group lesson!
Love ya~Me

Juli said...

My take on the dream was that we just had 9/11 and if you are anything like my hubby, you have been watching lots of documentaries on the event. Maybe it was just a reminder how fortunate we are!

Love ya,

Lisa said...

You should leave the bed unmade a little more often and love on those little girls before time quickly gets away and they are getting jobs, going to college, getting married, etc. Homeschooling just gives you more time to appreciate the wonderful gift God has given to you. I have never heard anyone complain that they regret time spent loving their children. Love Ya