Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday's News

On Sunday afternoon everyone within the sound of my voice knew that I was stuck between distraught and disgust over the recent news about Contemporary Christian Artist Ray Boltz coming out of the closet. I wasn't distraught or disgusted that he was homosexual as much as I was distraught and disgusted that he gave the secular world another reason to think Christianity is stupid and foolish. I'm really heartbroken because this news tarnished his testimony. His music was so captivating and his songs always told a story. I imagine his lyrics touched thousands of people too, but as my sister said, "that just shows the grace of God, that even in the midst of Ray's personal turmoil, He used his music to touch lives." ----------------------- In other news, after visiting my in-laws so Cory could troubleshoot their computer, we heard this obnoxious hissing sound as we stepped out of the car. At first I thought a neighbor might be using a pneumatic tool, but as it turns out, air was rapidly pouring from a slash in my tire where we had apparently run over a box knife blade. Oh goody! Now I get to spend a fun filled Monday sitting at Les Schwab awaiting the dreaded, 'sorry ma'am, we checked it out and your tire is beyond repair. We're gonna have to sell you a new one, but it's against our policy to sell one tire, so we're gonna need you to purchase all four.' Aaarrrrgggghhh!!! There's a silver lining in this cloud though......1) Chances are good we can get away with buying two tires because the other two are in good shape, 2) at least we were at home when it happened so Cory had access to his good tools instead of using the cheesy tire iron and jack the car comes with, and 3) fortunately it happened Sunday night instead of Monday because Cory's leaving Monday at 6am for a week long job out of town. I'm glad tomorrow's a new day. I know things are going to look sunny, even if it is still raining :)

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Clare said...

I understand the tire frustration. In my first 5 years of driving I had six flats! The most aggravating one was when I ran over an "S"-hook attached to a bungee cord in the road. It went flat instantly! Hopefully yours can be repaired quickly and without incident. Thank the Lord, because He gave us guys who know what to do with tires!