Monday, September 22, 2008

My Funny Little Petunia

Tonight the girls were getting ready for bed, and they had just finished brushing their teeth when I looked in the sink and saw several large toothpaste blobs. Here's what ensued next: -------- Me: "One of you needs to clean the toothpaste blobs out of the sink." Autumn: "OK Mom." (She then picks up the toothbrush and proceeds to clean the sink with the toothbrush when Cayla walks in) Cayla: "Eewwww, Autumn that's gross. You're cleaning the sink with your toothbrush?!" Autumn: "No I'm not, it's YOUR toothbrush." -------- I literally laughed out loud. Autumn is hilarious and always has us cracking up about something. It was just what I needed and was the perfect ending to my Monday!


kim said...

That is great! I am constantly fighting those blue globs in the bottom of the kids' sink. But that's classic, to use your sister's toothbrush to clean them out! Classic! Did she get a new toothbrush today :)

Clare said...

I think the Lord gives us children to help us realize life is not as serious as we have a tendency to believe. I think a scene (or scenes)such as that surely await me in the future!

Juli said...

I have one of those kids too, it would Joel! I have noticed that he will say things in such a funny way that we all laugh and then when I look back I realized the words or actions of the words (like using your sister's toothbrush to clean the sink) are actually disrespectful or wrong! And then I realize he got away with it!

Oh to have cute dimples and be funny!