Saturday, September 13, 2008

Country Living

My mother in law invited me to a Barn Sale outside of town. It's a yearly sale at this fabulous farmhouse out in the country. There's numerous vendors selling everything from antiques, knick-knacks, homemade country crafts, to kettle corn and lattes. We didn't stay very long, but we did get a few ideas for some crafts we could make, like homemade aprons and totes, and I bought a really cute Halloween decoration, which is pictured at left. Isn't it adorable? Since I love candy corn I couldn't resist.
It was a little warmer than a typical fall day, but the air felt crisp and the sun was gorgeous. We had such a good time perusing the crafts, and it reminded me of the type of event that might be featured in Country Living magazine as a "don't miss" event for September. It really made me want to go home and sew or bake, or something else that I don't have a talent for, but thoroughly enjoy. It was a perfect way to spend a sunny, September afternoon.


Juli said...

I am soooo jealous you got to go fall shopping! I spent the day in class, but I did clean my parents' garage out of all my stuff! It was on the list for summer, so not bad, since it is technically still summer! I definitely know when fall is because it will be my b-day. My hubby and I went to dinner and the needed "birthday shopping" to the mall I finally convinced him to do. I think we might have came to a good compromise!

Ok I am going to go pull out my beautiful fall table runner that Lori World 2 helped me make a few years ago.

Yeah for fall!


PS. Still not going to make my own least not yet.

Clare said...

I just pulled out all my fall decor on Friday. The weather here has been very conducive to thoughts of autumn. Besides, it is slightly possible that I may be trying to hurry the seasons along! I, too adore decorating with 'punknicks' and candy corn. Speaking of candy corn are you sending me your cutey costume so Josie can wear it? :)