Thursday, August 14, 2008

Loving Summer

Today was one of those great days that makes summer quite possibly the best season of all. Oh who am I kidding, fall is still my favorite. Anyhow, our neighbor and her two girls invited us to go to the movies with them. They had tickets so it didn't cost us a thing! We saw "Speed Racer" which was actually a pretty cute flick with a good moral. A few unnecessary words for a kids movie, but all in all it was fun and FREE!!! The girls of course had to have popcorn and soda, but the theater has these kids packs with a small soda and just the right amount of popcorn and they're only $2.50. Can't beat that, so I bought them each one!
After our movie we ate lunch at Wendy's before running some errands. My favorite part about Wendy's is the Frosty!!! I basically go there and choke down a semi tolerable hamburger just so I can have the ice cream. They've added a new Frosty too.....vanilla. I don't get into all those other new Frosty's with the mix-ins, I prefer the traditional flavor, and the new vanilla. I bought the girls one and while Cayla ate all of hers, chocolate of course, Autumn only had a few bites. I'm always trying to convince her that she and I should share since we both love the vanilla but she can be pretty indignant when she wants to be. I posted a couple pics of the girls enjoying their ice cream. Are they not the cutest little things?? After coming home I talked to my mother in law who wanted to pick up the girls after work and take them home for dinner, while Cory and I had a few hours together. I readily agreed! Now most people would love an evening with their spouse, sans kids, but we're so practical that it's hard to come up with something inventive. So our dinner consisted of leftovers from two different meals this week (romantic, I know), and then we headed out the door to buy exterior paint! Ah, paint! I cannot wait to transform our house from mustard yellow, to well, anything else really, but we picked a great color called 'barn red'. It's a nice country/brick red (we hope) and it's so popular they sell it in 5 gallon buckets for a GREAT price! Hopefully in the next few days or so I can post some pics of the house with it's new paint! My grandmother used to say, "any old barn looks better with a new coat of paint" and while she was talking about women who should wear make-up, I figure it aptly applies to our new house!

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