Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As with most churches, there's always some growing pains, or just pains that must be endured. Right now I think we're suffering from apathy. People are not worshipping through tithes and offerings, they're not allowing themselves to grow spiritually and be blessed by leading sessions, teaching classes and just plain getting involved! It's so very sad to watch talent swirl the drain and get sucked down because we're just 'too busy' to serve God. I'll be the first to admit that teaching classes is a lot of work. Having just finished two years teaching Sunday school, and joining the leaders for "Team Kid" on Wednesday nights, I'll attest to the fact that it's not difficult, but it's work. Especially mental work. I don't love the idea of going in and dealing with behavior problems, or discipline issues, but I DO love the idea of getting to share Christ with the children. And that's why I do it. Sure I'd rather warm a nice metal chair in a cushy, adult Sunday school class while sipping coffee and taking random notes, but I honestly think I would be missing out on blessings that God has for me. In the last two years I know I have grown spiritually and it's not something I would trade for anything. God has really laid it on my heart that I may be the only opportunity some children have to hear about Him, and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing the lights come on in a child's eyes when they truly grasp what Jesus did for him/her. He came to die, be buried and rise again that we may have new life in Him! When I get to see that light come on, it makes it all very worth it. Here's the lyrics to my new favorite song. Wouldn't it be amazing if it actually happened? "Revival" by Robin mark As sure as gold is precious and the honey sweet, So you love this city and you love these streets. Every child out playing by their own front door Every baby laying on their bedroom floor. Every dreamer dreaming in her dead end job Every driver driving through the rush hour mob I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones You're going to send revival, bring them all back home. Chorus: I can hear that thunder in the distance Like a train on the edge of town I can feel the brooding of your Spirit "Lay your burdens down, Lay your burdens down." From the preacher preaching when the well is dry, To the lost soul reaching for a higher high From the young man working through his hopes and fears To the widow walking through the veil of tears Every man and woman, every old and young Every father's daughter, every mother's son. I feel it in my spirit, feel it in my bones You're going to send revival, bring them all back home. Chorus Revive us, revive us Revive us with Your fire! You can watch the video here, with pictures of downtown Spokane!

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