Monday, August 11, 2008


I'm not sure I would call VBS a vacation, but we did have to go out of town to attend it, so I guess it's a semi vacation. Anyhow, do you ever need a vacation after vacation? I have just been so tired, but have precious little time to get things done. There's still laundry to do, errands to run, a trip to Silverwood to plan, swimming lessons for the girls, Dr.'s appointments, not to mention church activities we're involved in. Did I mention I STILL have not unpacked from our trip? Basically it's just clean clothes to put away because I did laundry at my mom's before we left, but they won't put themselves away! I also really need to get together with my group class teaching partner and get our class prepared for September when home school co-op starts up again! This has honestly been the busiest (and most rewarding) summer of my life. It's really been a relief to have a million other activities to occupy my mind besides how I look or how clean my house is (or isn't :) ------------- In other news, I am sick of all the election coverage. Specifically, the Obama coverage! I'm already 'done' with him, and I think it's only the beginning. I've never seen a candidate get so much celebrity hype! Also, what's with the press on the John Edward's related scandal? Can you say "WHO CARES?" I knew you could! I have GOT to stop watching FoxNews! I love it, but it does have a lot of election news (who knew?!) ------------ One final rant here.... I told you I like to blab! Has anybody been keeping up with that lady in the news that had her DOG cloned? Apparently her dog Booger (nice name) died and she was so distraught she shelled out $50,000 to have him cloned. If you watch the live feed it's hilarious because she says while holding one of 5 cloned puppies, "God has sent me 5 more mini Boogers."

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Clare said...

I have to admit I am a crazy news junkie. I couldn't believe that thing about the cloning - think it is a sign of the end times? :) Anyhow you can check out my blog at It's boring but I am working on it!