Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Snap Out of It!

I really have a lot I NEED to be doing, but I'm procrastinating. School hasn't even started and already I'm in lazy mode! I need to snap out of it. Swimming lessons end on Thursday, then we're off to Silverwood. Monday's attempt at Silverwood got rained out and everything that could go wrong did, so we're going to try again on Thursday. Friday we leave for my sister's for our last summer hoorah-vacation before we get back into the swing of things. I need to get organized and figure out a daily school schedule because we're starting up on Tuesday the 2nd! Group class begins on the 18th and even though I'm teaching a class that I need to prepare for, I'd like to go into co-op announcing that we're on schedule and making progress! So my personal To Do list includes: 1) Planning a year long schedule for the girls' schooling 2) Preparing my teacher's lessons for co-op group class 3) Organizing and studying my TeamKid lessons for Wednesday nights at church. ------------------------------- I've been reading other blogs and feeling a tad guilty that I'm about the only person who doesn't plan meals for the week. The problem is, (it's not an excuse, it's a problem) that I can decide on meals, but by the time the evening rolls around and it's time to start cooking, I may not be in the mood to prepare the meal I've got planned. And I don't see this happening once or twice a month, I see it happening every other day, so it almost seems impossible for me to put it into action. There's also another problem.......I don't love to cook. In fact, most of the time I see cooking as a chore. I'd seriously rather clean the bathroom. There are people in my extended family who love to spend time in the kitchen whipping up elaborate menus, and trying new recipes, but I have a family of fairly plain eaters, and time consuming, exotic things probably wouldn't impress them anyhow. So how does one go about developing a love of cooking? If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I'm completely open!


Clare said...

I completely feel you! I HATE cooking,all my efforts are usually underappreciated or they flop. I am glad to know I am not the only one who plans menus that I don't want to prepare. I laugh when recipes say they take 30 minutes, I want them to take 10 (hence all of the "meals on wheels" we have in our family). I can't offer suggestions, but I will gladly commiserate! :)

Jill said...

Hi Rachel! I found you through Kim, that was such a fun surprise. I love finding bloggers that I know in real life. I look forward to coming back.