Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy = Lazy :)

First things first.....I added a new poll to the blog, but this time I only allowed 3 days to vote. The last one seemed to drag on and on. We didn't go to the fair this year, but we typically go and have a pretty good time. I love the way it smells! Sometimes when we're out and about in town I'll catch that smell in the air and I'll announce, "it smells like the fair." Of course I mean the food court not the cow barn :) You've probably noticed that I did not change my background. Well, I've got a good excuse. I've been uh, ah, well, I've been busy.....yeah, that's it, busy!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi, i like your writings. can i add your blog to my list? if not pls tell me so that i can remove it. thanks.

Clare said...

Hey are you in a hurry or something to get to your 100th post?:) I'm telling you... I like the background!

Rachel said...

Clare - I might not be in a hurry per se to get to my 100th post, but if it happens sooner or later you know it's just because I am a Chatty Cathy with entirely too much to say :)