Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Short! The post, not me

I'm only posting because it's been a week and I feel I need to say something, anything! I've had a lot on my mind. Besides my day to day responsibilities, I'm obsessed with the election and that's kind of been sucking up any leftover space in my brain. So, that's it! Say something witty in the comments section - I could use a laugh!


Clare said...

I don't do witty on command! However, I should think that offering you the opportunity to Google "sea cow" should have helped take your mind off things. As long as you are registered to vote (or maybe you already have) you really have to leave it in God's hands. He even has McCain and Obama in His hands!:)

Robyn said...

Can I just tell you how normal it made me feel that even you queen of blogging gets too busy to blog:)
I must admit though each day I eagerly looked for an update and was a little bummed when none appeared. SO even your short little post was a bright spot in my day. However I do expect a blog with some girth after the debate tonight:)

kim said...

Good to hear from you.
I would say though that the quickest way to take your brain off the election is to ...
move to Europe.
We hear Nothing, Nada, Rien about the American Election. And I must say it's nice.
This election, I've given the whole thing to God. He knows who's going to come out on top and I'm just praying that that person will be praying for our nation too. That's my two bits about the American election. Not worth much!
Glad you're back blogging!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi, It's me again. I was here. I enjoy reading your post. :)