Sunday, October 26, 2008


On Saturday evening a group of us from church were having a discussion when the subject of politics came up (imagine that!). Being a constant wearer of my McCain-Palin 2008 button, someone commented that if everyone came into the church sporting buttons, we'd see a fair amount of the 'other' button as well. I was shocked. Although I personally know of a couple people who are undecided in this election, I figured they were the rare exceptions. I guess I just sort of assumed that Christians were naturally going to vote Republican in this election. I just can't understand how people can be torn when one of the candidates is clearly pro-choice and the other is clearly pro-life. Of course I'm concerned about health care and the economy among other things, but the pro-life issues are generally the deal maker or breaker for me. So this morning in Sunday school while taking prayer requests, a man raised his hand and said that he and his wife would like prayer concerning their votes in the election. Again I was shocked. I guess for me it's a no-brainer and I sort of expected that it would be for others as well. So color me all kinds of surprised!!!!


Juli said...

I heard an interesting quote years ago that if all the people who profess to be christian voted for Bush instead of Clinton he would have won by a landslide.

I too have a hard time understanding it. I have two very close friends who I consider strong christians who are voting democrat. I talked with one of them about it and basically her take on it was that she still was prolife but that the other issues like economy and the war were a bigger factor for her.

I personally believe if we follow the rules of the bible, God will take care of the economy, education, the war, etc.

Clare said...

Isn't it crazy how people feel like it is acceptable to base their vote on their own personal interests first and foremost? I had heard that our deciding factor on a candidate should be whether or not they are pro-life. If a candidate does not respect life, even unborn life, what else will they respect? The obvious answer is nothing. There position on anything else is irrelevant if they do not value God's most precious creations-us! Christians that vote for someone who is pro-choice have sinned-that's all there is to it.

Robyn said...

I SO know what you mean. My friend and I noticed a Obama sign in the yard of someone who goes to our church and I wanted to stop and stash it in the trunk! However I have decided that I can only be responsible to God for my vote. And since America gave us the right to vote, and God gave us freedom of choice we kinda have to just leave it to prayer! Love ya~Me