Monday, October 6, 2008

This 'n That

Yes, I've been playing around with backgrounds again. I think this one is nice because you can read the text. I liked several other options, but the text was difficult to see. OK the colors are a bit odd for autumn, but it's pretty cute none the less! ----------------------------- Be sure to check out my new poll. Pretty much everyone knows I am terrified of leaving the country, but I was curious to see where other people might go if they had a chance to travel. It's on most people's list of things to do before they die. ----------------------------- Unlike my niece, I feel no need to limit my posts to once a day. I do well to post once a day, but don't be surprised if one day I feel wordy and I write multiple posts. ----------------------------- You know what I love? Pictures like this one. I want to be on that road. It looks peaceful and inviting. It's the stereotypical photo of a road in the fall. Beautiful! It's the type of road that invites a lengthy walk after a morning cup of coffee. Afterward I'm sure I'd want to go home and bake something. Yeah, it's that kind of road. ----------------------------- My right thumb has always popped out of place but it's never bothered me until now. Lately it's been very stiff and sore, so I asked the family Doc what the deal was with it and after explaining something really gross, he told me that I probably damaged it as a child, and now it's arthritic. As if I didn't feel old enough, now I find out I have arthritis! If there's any way I can milk this for all it's worth, I'm going to.

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