Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Boxes of Chocolate Joy

You know one of the things I love about this time of year? Little boxes of candy. They're the perfect size to indulge in without wrecking your caloric intake for the week (well, they are if you only eat one or two boxes). It's also the only time of year when you can find such small sizes in many of the candies. My favorites are Junior Mints and Milky Ways, but pretty much if it's made of chocolate I'm willing to try it.
So if you're celebrating tomorrow evening by going around collecting candy, attending a party, or sharing a meal with friends, enjoy your fabulous mini-sized candies. If you're kicking back at home because you don't celebrate Halloween, at least indulge in a few pieces of candy so the rest of us don't have to get fat all by ourselves :)


Robyn said...

I am anti-halloween, yet I do treasure the ability to find all my favorite candies in small packages. Some of my favorites though aren't chocolate. In fact little tiny packs of Gold Bear Gummi Bears rank right up there with a mini Milky Way midnight which is my year round favorite.

We are doing a fall harvest party at a friends tomorrow night. So while we may not have to much candy I KNOW there will be plenty of food period. Which means come Thanksgiving when I see you next you need not fret I will still be the fattest person in the Poplin family:)

Lisa said...

I have been fasting candy for quite a while now and this time of year is making it quite the challenge. I look forward to buying all the fun candy at 50% off to enable me to enjoy it at a later date. My favorite is a dark Milky Way.

Clare said...

I am not a big candy fan, so I like the fact that there is just enough in one of those tiny packages. I also love anything that is smaller than normal, and I love that they make it all in fall colors. I actually like decorating with candy better than eating it. You would think I would be thinner!