Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Stitch in Time

So, the patterns have been measured, cut, fitted and pinned. Now all I have to do is sew them together. The girls Halloween costumes that is! Don't get too excited. They're not going as anything too complicated, and providing they turn out halfway normal (the costumes, not the girls), maybe I'll post some pictures. The girls are going to a Fall Festival with some friends at their church. I know they're going to have a great time. I remember getting excited to go trick-or-treating, or to attend a party on Halloween, but it's even better being the mom and getting my kids all dressed up, and watching them have a blast. OK so that's it. Tomorrow I'll be sewing the costumes, so wish me luck. I'm gonna need it!

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Clare said...

Okay, so what are they going to be? I can't stand the suspense! I am also shocked that you are just know finishing them up-I thought you always had everything done in advance. :)