Friday, October 24, 2008

Pray the Vote

With the future of this nation being decided in only 10 short days, I have decided to change the layout of my blog to represent my feelings. The verse at the top has changed as well as the colors and theme. This election has gotten me on my soap box more times than I can count. I've never had such a vested interest in politics as I have this year. Is it because I'm getting older? I don't think so. I see this as a pivotal election year. I am passionate about this election. I am passionate about my vote, and I am passionate about praying that God will receive the glory in this election no matter the outcome. If celebrities can 'Rock the Vote' then Christians need to 'Pray the Vote'. Are you praying about the election? The country? The future?


Keck said...

That is so true. We just have to pray and the Lord will awnser in some way. Even though it may not be the way we want. God is always in control. My mom is really encouraging us to pray about this election. God will most defiently hear us if we don't just sit back and say that some one else can pray.

Lisa said...

I think we should not only pray, but fasting does wonders. We can all fast something perhaps food, treats, pleasure (TV), whatever, and when we think of those things pray for our land. Literally falling on our faces before the Lord causes us to get a new view and perhaps a proper perspective.