Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Candy Corn

In keeping with my love of Halloween I created a big candy corn pillow. I made the small one last year, so this year I gave him a big brother! I don't know what it is about candy corns, but I really think they're fantastic. Maybe it's because they're overtly symbolic of Halloween without being evil like witches and ghosts. In fact, I think I'll go upstairs and have some. I can.......I walked on the treadmill today. That makes it justifiable right?!


Juli said...

Very Cute! Who knew you would make surch an amazing seamstress!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

hi, Rachel, i'm just curious. what is a candy corn pillow? and how do you do it?

kim said...

Too cute!
I too am a lover of the candy corn and I have a secret. We can't get candy corn here in Switzerland so we had someone send us some. I put a couple of bags out in the candy jar, but left one package in the cupboard, hidden. The kids don't know it's there....but I do!